Struggling with how to do compensation in self-managing teams?

Won’t everyone just demand unreasonable pay rises?

(Interestingly, what more often happens is people asking for less.)

  • Will people be angry or upset about how salaries were decided?
  • How we will agree on a new framework?
  • Won’t there be biases and inequity?

Step 1: Create a safe space.

Money is a sensitive subject for many.

Step 2: Give people the information they need.

As Jan Carlzon once said: “An individual without information can’t take responsibility. An individual with information can’t help but take responsibility.”

Step 3: Aim for principles.

Beyond formulae or frameworks, what principles are important to you?



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Lisa Gill

Lisa Gill

Founder of Reimaginaire, trainer and coach with Tuff Leadership Training, host of Leadermorphosis podcast.