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  • Margaret Heffernan

    Margaret Heffernan

    CEO of 5 businesses, her book WILFUL BLINDNESS was called a classic; her TED talks have been seen by over 12 million people. UNCHARTED is her new book.

  • Greta Rask

    Greta Rask

    I’m committed to support leaders and future activists in their efforts to evolve Healthy, Happy, Humane and Effective Organisations.

  • Dark Matter

    Dark Matter

    Designing 21st Century Dark Matter for a Decentralised, Distributed & Democratic tomorrow; part of @infostructure00

  • Stina Heikkilä

    Stina Heikkilä

    Working on sustainable, local, urban, territorial and international development (you name it!) — peppered with personal development. Writings and views my own.

  • Dan Young

    Dan Young

    Connection design and curiosity-led consulting. Trying to make sense of mess. He/him.

  • Nina Bozic Yams

    Nina Bozic Yams

  • Julius


  • Shree Hary

    Shree Hary

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